Jun 12, 2008

Kelly's Trip

This last week has been so much fun!!! Kelly came and we were able to fit so many thing in. She came in Friday afternoon. That night we went to Crusin Grand in Escondido and saw all the cool cars and wacky people. Sat (was my birthday!!!!). We started the day off with Kayaking. That was... so much fun, hard, expensive, worth-it, doubts, huge waves, dolphins, sea lions, birds, .... lots of water.... it was worth it. Although, we were disappointed though because we were supposed to go into the caves in LaJolla, but it was to windy. Kel and I were in a Kayak together- I think the tour guide was a bit fed up with us because we were way behind everyone the entire time. Our favorite part was going into the waves while paddling out and catching a wave in when we were done. Ryan had fun too, he flipped the boat at one time, he got to cool off.

Than we snorkled in LaJolla coves. Because it was so windy the water was really mucky. Too bad. Kel saw a Bat Ray... let's just say that ended our snorkling excursion. That was more than she signed up for.
We were than headed off to Seal Beach, Cornado, and then Oceanside. We caught some great waves and got a sun tan. It was Kel's first time to boggie board- she loved it. We came home for some Kabobs and birthday cake. Thanks everyone for making my birthday such a fun one!
Monday we went to Oceanside again and boggie boarded. The waves were huge! That day was Kelly's birthday. Happy Birthday Kel! That night we (my whole family) went to In & Out and went fishing off the pier. No catching... but Kel only asked to fish, not catch anything :) Tue. we went down town San Diego and to Old Town. That night Kel treated us to getting our nails done and we called it a night. To say the least, we are so glad Kelly came!


Lindsay said...

hey michelle!! Oh my goodness, it sounds like you did absolutely everything in one weekend! I am so jealous! Happy late Birthday!

Melissa said...

happy late birthday michelle. It sounded like u had an awesome day. I miss u tons. Come back to Provo soon.