Aug 7, 2008

Kyle made it home!

It almost feels like Kyle never left. This morning I woke up so happy, knowing that my bud would be down stairs... and I am not dreaming... and he doesn't have to leave again! Yesterday was perfect. In the morning I loved hanging out with Ian and Whitney, I haven't seen them since last Thanksgiving. We went to the airport and picked up Kyle at 11:05. When he walked off the plane it was different than I expected. I didn't know if I would cry or what... but it was just sooo exciting. He looks a little older (we think he grew an inch taller) but pretty much looks the same. Kyle was quick to choose In & Out for lunch. We followed a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's. Kyle says that Grandma has not changed a bit and Grandpa said that it must have been at least three years since he has seen Kyle. We went to President Nielsen's house for Kyle to get released. This was the best part of the entire day. That was such a spiritual experience. He began with reading Kyle's honorable release letter from the First Presidency and than we all (Mom, Dad, Ian, Whitney, Ryan, Kyle, me) said a few words about Kyle coming home and how we were proud of him. Than President Nielsen said a few words and than gave Kyle a beautiful release blessing. Kyle than could take off his badge and he was released. Kyle couldn't wait to get in his truck, ride around and play 'real' music. Ryan and I went with him and loved to see him experience life for the first time on his own. Kyle than got to meet baby Sequoia (April's baby) for the first time. Kyle loves babies and there is no better baby (babies, Sequoia and Kiley) to hold than his 'nieces'. Today Kyle will be able to meet Sequoia's (April's sister) baby- Kiley. We went to the beach and caught a few waves. Kyle is a swimmer and water polo player, so he was in heaven being in the water. Tonight Kyle and Ryan plan on going again, and I am sure they will make that a habit until school starts. We ended the night walking the beautiful shores of the ocean, talking, and just enjoying having our brother, son, and friend finally back! I couldn't be more happy, I sure have missed my little bud!


Mel and Nate said...

Hey Michelle!  We miss you!  It looks like you are having a blast but please hurry back to Utah!  Our ward changed enrichment so we just have two main activities a month.  There are no more small weekly groups so the fitness group is gone but it was fun while it lasted!  You did a much better job with it than I did though! I have been pregnant most the summer so I was too sick to do almost anything but it is better now. We can not wait for you to come back! 

Nathan & Allison said...

Welcome home Kyle! Thanks for finding our blog, we'll have to add you two so we can stay in touch and actually do something this year :)