Aug 4, 2008

Summer Internship is Almost Over!

As many of you know, I've been working for a company called Solar Turbines for the summer. It has been a great experience, but I have been a little bored lately. My main project for the summer took about a month to complete, so I am left to do random busywork all day. However, if I were to come back after I have completed school, I think I would love it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Solar is a leading global supplier of mid-range industrial gas turbines. These engines can power anything from an oil rig to a university campus. Solar also produce gas comressors of oil and gas applications. The company was purchased by Caterpillar (CAT) in 1981.


Nancy said...

Hi Michelle! I do remember you. We'd be more than happy to take your pictures. We're on a bit of a time crunch though with our moving plans—we move on Thursday. So, if you and your husband would be available tomorrow evening, we could go to American Fork for some fun picture taking! We don't charge anything. . . for now :)

Ashley said...

i know all about being bored at work! that's why i gave my two weeks notice last week! =) Im going to be working with linds at an elementary school now!