Sep 8, 2008

So behind... let me catch you up...

I haven't posted in a while and there seems to be so much to catch up on. Life has been exciting lately.... at least for me. Here is a series of things we have been up to.

Moved back to Provo

My parents bought us a patio set. Thanks Mom and Dad. We have eaten on it ever since my parents have left. I don't know how we have gone almost three years without it. We've been missing out.
We all packed up our stuff and moved back to Utah. The boy's (Ryan and Kyle) started school and my mom and I shopped. It was so fun having my parents up here. We have started remodeling (painting, decorating, ect) our place. We love it so far. I'll post pictures when we finish. I had such a fun time with my mom shopping and looking for new things for my apt. It is weird not being with her. I am so lucky to have such a fun Mom that I love being with. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming up and helping us move in, paint, decorate, feeding us and just hanging out. We love it!
We BBQ'ed. We missed our porch and love being back.
Kyle's in Utah with us

Deep Sea Fishing Trip

The ocean, being with family, catching fish, meeting weird people, fish fry, the sun, picking scales off your skin (gross), .... this trip was awesome. And we actually caught fish! My favorite catch was this Bonita. This fish was such a fighter and kept swimming back and forth, right to left. At times I felt like a lost him and then moments later my line would be pulling like crazy. It was great!

I know it is hard to believe, but I didn't take a bunch of pictures this trip. But my dad and mom came as well... we couldn't have done it without them. Thank you mom and dad for bringing us, we loved it!

Still missing my little ones
I know they really aren't mine, but I sure miss them like they are. Crazy how attached you can get in such a short amount of time. This is when we were making homemade pizza together. They had fun and the pizza tasted good.Still missing them... and still looking for a new job.

Me and Grandma
My grandma is one of my most favorite people and one of my best friends. She cares so much for me and shows me in so many ways why she loves me. And Grandma is so fun to tease and I always know when I am going to be with my grandma I can always look forward to a good time. This is another reason why I already miss California.

Saturday lunches... they sure will be missed
Most Saturday's we would go to lunch with my family, including my grandparents. We would always go to the same Chinese Buffet (my grandpa is getting older and going to the places he recognizes is important... there aren't too many more of those places anymore). I loved being with everyone. It was a time for me to feel like I could catch up with family and just enjoy being with them. I sure miss them all already.

Padre's game:

You can't get a prettier stadium. We can see down town and watch the ball game all at the same time. That is the life.
They lost, but it is still fun being there. Before the game we had a picnic off the coast near Sea Port Village. It is so beautiful there.

Alright, well I better post this because I am afraid I am going to loose all of it... and I need to get on with all the stuff I need to do.... look for jobs, organize rooms, sew curtains, email, thank you's, figuring out health insurance, re-cover rocking chair, paint apt., decorate apt., gym, grocery shopping, ... and study for my NCTRC exam (my National Boards for Rec. Therapy) which is in a month and I'm totally nervous about, and the list can go on....


Ashley said...

hey michelle! love the pictures! Welcome back to utah!!! Yes, brad and i are planning on moving to texas at christmas time! We will for sure have to get together before then! What are your plans?! Linds is sticking around till april and then who knows where she will go!

sakmb said...

Hey Michelle, your appt. looked wonderful you did a great job painting and decorating. Your blog is so cute I really like it, oh also can I get that scrapbooking website I think it will be Alot easer