Apr 13, 2009

This summer

We are excited for the summer to begin- as it is filled with sunshine... and hopefully a few trips.
First, this Friday my parents come to visit (even though that is not technically going any where, them coming some times feels like a vacation b/c we enjoy them here so much), then next week we are going to follow my parents home and be in California for a week and a half. We are looking forward to family, the beach, Disneyland, and real Mexican food :) In June we are headed to Texas to be with the Williams. We are so excited to be with them and welcome Jeffery home from his mission. We also hope to go to Moab and Yellowstone this summer. .... oh, I am excited for summer to begin!
Congrats Ryan, as he will be done with classes tomorrow (along with all other BYU students)

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Chelsea said...

Yay for summer trips! California sounds so fun, it will be nice to go home! And Texas....bring on the heat. Thanks for taking our pictures, they turned out really well. See ya Thursday!