Aug 19, 2009

Family, Friends and More

I have been traveling to and from California for the last 2 months... I think I'll be here in UT for a month or so now. I have had a great time being with family and friends from Escondido. I have been so touched by everyone that cares for me as I have been healing.

My grandma came up to UT with my family for the first time and we loved having her here. We hope she can come again.

When I was home I saw my grandpa lots. He is in a home now and being well taken care of. I loved seeing him as I miss him lots.

My dad, Ryan and I were out to eat and on the way home there was the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. This picture doesn't do justice- but it stretched from one side of the mountains to the other side of the city. It was magnificent.
I graduated from my brace. It feels nice to have it off. My bones have only about 4 weeks left and they should be completely healed. I can do most things now, except for weight bearing activities. I am doing well and thank you to all of those that have helped and have expressed their love for me, that has helped me get through.

My good friend Traci is going on her mission and is reporting to the MTC today. I will miss her lots but wish her the best. She will do so well in Boise Idaho. We had a little goodbye at my place last night.

We went to Park City with the Parks and Manwarings last weekend. We love being with our good friends and also got a little peak of the beautiful mountains near by. This is what we found. Thanks to the Parks for inviting us!
For the past few months these are a few of the things that have been a bit of a change: started a new job; got in that awful accident- been dealing with broken bones and flashbacks of the accident; been traveling apart from my husband for weeks at a time to be taken care of; Ryan's trying to finish his thesis but has been having a hard time finding the correct data; I lost my job because they couldn't hold my position open for 2 months for me to heal; Ryan started the MBA yesterday, Ryan got called to a singles Bishopric (which we are excited about, but it is also a change) so we now don't go to the ward we have been going to..... there is more, but you can at least get the picture.

I guess that is what life is all about. It seems like life is smooth sailing and than all of a sudden it is disrupted very quickly. But, things are seeming to die down and I am feeling better (bones healing and flashbacks)- which makes a big difference in being able to handle everything else. And I am back in Provo and it is just me and Ryan, which I am loving.

I hope everyone is well, come by and say hello!


About the Parks' Team... said...

Glad you are home for a while now! Just think - Without the accident there would have been so many neat experiences you wouldn't have had... girl time, finally being able to stop working at the hospital, bringing me smoothies, plenty of time to organize and redecorate your home, etc!

Summer said...

good to hear that you are doing better! wish i was closer to help you out! have a great day and hope to talk to you soon!

Ashley said...

so glad you are doing better!!! what's your new job?

Chelsea said...

Thats cool that Ryan is in the bishopric of a singles ward, so do you go with him? Or are you still in the presidency? Love and miss ya, hope to get together soon!