Oct 7, 2009

Blowing up things

This morning I had just gotten up and from the kitchen I heard a loud scream followed by a bunch of bangs, clinks, and clattering. To my surprise, there was hot chocolate everywhere, Ryan was drenched (in a white collared shirt, suit pants and tie) in chocolate, and the blender was still going ..... we learned to not heat up milk and than put it in a magic bullet with some hot chocolate....

.... if you do.... it will blow up on you!

The next hour I scrubbed the walls, dishes, fridge, ceiling, floor.... counters, cabinets... you get the picture.
I am glad we didn't get more hurt- well, Ryan got burned slightly- but we survived our traumatic experience :)


Chelsea said...

Dear Goodness!! Who would have thought? What a mess...sorry!

KaCHeRS said...

oh no!! That's good to know - thanks for the heads up! I'm glad it only took you an hour to clean up ... when a bottle of rootbeer exploded in our kitchen it seems like we spent hours scrubbing and the stickiness still wasn't all gone! What a fun morning surprise :>