Nov 2, 2009

Graduating Early!

Ryan has been working hard to graduate early, but we never knew if the school would approve it. Ryan just received a letter approving his early graduation! I am SOOOOO excited. I love it here, but I am looking forward to a real job and moving on. December 2010... we are almost a year away!!!! What a relief (do you want to hear the real reason I am excited.... that means this winter is my last one here, wow, what a relief!)


Emily Hagen said...

That's great news! Sad to hear you'll be leaving, but glad you guys are moving on to the next exciting part of your life. Oh, and soooo jealous! I'm pretty darn sick of the winters here as well...if you're headed to California or Arizona feel free to take me with you! :)

Chapples said...

Great news! I love ur skittles costumes!!!