Nov 1, 2009

Kelly's homecoming

Here is Kelly (in pink dress on left) in her homecoming dress with her friends. It was fun being a part of this weekend with her. She is so pretty and such a good girl!

Below: All the Williams family is very musically inclined. Ryan used to play in the band (Drums and Saxaphone) and has always talked about it. Kelly plays the flute and I finally got to see her play! I was so excited. It is so cool to see these kids have so much love for what they do and they really have exceled. This video clip doesn't do justice, but gives you a little idea of what I was able to see. I have never seen anything like this before. The entire show was 4 movements long and their theme this year is "Exotic Expressions".

I went to see the Williams while Ryan was in AK for his competition. I had a great time and have been so blessed to be welcomed into such a great family. I can't wait to go there this Christmas and spend time with them!

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