Feb 28, 2010

Growing Tummy

4 Months
5 Months (I am currently 20 weeks along- 1/2 way through!)

Here are pictures of my growing tummy, for all of those of you that have asked. For the first time I was asked if I was pregnant. I loved being asked that and have been waiting for someone to say that. It is so fun starting to show... and I feel the baby moving all the time, I love my second trimester and look forward to finding out what we are having March 9th!


Chelsea said...

You're adorable. So fun to finally feel the baby in there move hey? It makes it so much more real! Can't wait for you to find out the gender....any ideas?

Ashley said...

you look so cute!!! Although i still think you are way too small!! =) Just remember come third trimester that some people say the craziest things about what your size is!! March 9th?!?! keep us posted!

Lindsay said...

I agree with Ash that you are still so small!! You are so so cute Michelle and I am so excited for you!