Mar 28, 2010

California Trip

April and her daughter Miriam
Cheryl Hunter (old neighbor) and my mom
Janice and Sequoia (April's oldest daughter)

Annie and Carrol Dye
Kiley, Sequoia's little girl. It was so fun seeing her, she is growing up so fast.
I got spoiled (or shall we say our little boy got spoiled) with lots of gifts. It was so fun getting all the stuff and knowing it is for my little baby! Thank you everyone for your generosity!
Kristi and Sandi (mom) are two people I have known for a long time. Kristi was my best friend all through childhood. It meant a lot to have both of them at my shower.
Jamie and I were high school friends and I was able to hang out with her lots through the Best Buddies program and other social events.
Lynne Miller was my next door neighbor while I was in HS. It was great seeing her and Emily, her daughter.
I absolutely love spending time with my mom and grandma! We had so much fun together.

My California trip went great. I loved being home and spending it with family and friends. We did a lot of baby shopping (we finally decided on bedding, yea!), walking, going out to eat, visiting people, and I also had two baby showers while I was down there. They both went great and I loved being able to see familiar faces, while celebrating my little boy to be.


Chelsea said...

What a huge baby shower!! Looks like fun, I bet you are all set for baby now. You look great! Any names picked out?

Summer said...

sorry i wasn't able to make it! Wish i could have been there!looks like you had lots of fun!

Kate Alder said...

Hi Michelle~
Months ago you left a post on my website. Thanks. I've been meaning to write you.... I'm in Utah right now and I heard from Holly Stansbury that you are having a baby shower in Utah. Can I invite myself? I'd love to see you.... please email me:
Take care :)
Kate Alder