Mar 19, 2010


Where do you find baby bedding???? I found this adorable blanket (bright blue/aqua, bright green, tan, choc brown, yellow) that I want to match a bumper, mattress sheet, and skirt to go with it.... we have looked at so many stores.... did anyone create customized crib sets and know of a good place (store/online) to buy stuff?? Please give me all the ideas you have!

Or are there good places to look (stores/online) for complete crib sets that you liked? Let me know of those too!



Ashley & Brandon said...

I looked a lot on Ebay when I was pregnant with Dallin. There are a ton of new baby bedding sets that people have made and sell on Ebay. Good Luck!!

Jet said...

i would just search for crib sets. There are a lot of options on there and you can customize what you want also. Good luck and hope this helps!

Jalisa said...

I believe we got ours at Shopco for a fairly reasonable price. Try looking online like others have suggested. You never know what you can find if you're willing to search! Oh, search craigslist too.

Ashley said...

i got mine from target online!!