May 1, 2010

New Jersey Home

We have been enjoying our stay so far.... getting lost and then driving around and getting lost some more... good thing for our GPS. I don't know how people around here survive without one of these. We hope to venture to New York next weekend and Boston the next. We are excited to see my brother and Whitney. Until then we will continue to venture around New Jersey and continue getting to know our new home. Here are pictures of where we will call our home for the next few months. I'll post the outside pictures later.



Walk-in Closet:

Nook of Living Room:

Entry way and Dinning area:

Living Room:


Chelsea said...

What a cute little place! Love that its all furnished. Have fun exploring, I always loved that about moving to a new place each summer.

Lindsey said...

Wow! That looks amazing! Have fun exploring!

Mays and Matt said...

Michelle, this looks so nice! We miss you already, but I know you'll have fun. Keep posting. I love it!

Jalisa said...

WOW! Your apartment looks so cute! I love it! Your kitchen looks very similar to what ours is going to look like in PA! Miss you and hope you are doing well! Love ya!