May 21, 2010

Visiting Ian and Whitney in Boston

We sat in this park and enjoyed our pasties from Mikes Pastry Shop. They were one of the best things I have ever tasted. Wow!
It was great walking the streets of Boston. The mix of old and new, I loved it.
If you ever go to Boston, you have to stop here. It is a must. 257 Hanover Street, Boston -
(617) 523-3783 now you have no excuse :)

Here is the building where they read the Declaration of Independence from (I think) and where... my mind has gone blank. Whitney, I need you... she was our walking guide and map, it was great.
This is a monument for Holocaust victims. If you look closely you can see columns etched into the glass. These are actually the numbers that were branded into those in the camps to represent each one involved. Through the monument there are plaques and quotes. I had to walk through and not read it all because it is hard for me to do so without crying.
The State Capital building
We went through a really, really old grave where Paul Reveere's, Mother Goose, John Hancock, and Ben Franklin's grave sites are located.

We had a great visit. Our first night Ian and Whitney took us to an authentic Italian Restaurant which was really good. We were also able to see the Boston Temple. The best part was being with Ian and Whitney and spending time together no matter where we were. Thanks for having us!


Lindsey said...

That looks so awesome! I'm jealous!

Ly + Alan said...

Looks like you had an awesome time in Boston - one of my favorite cities ever. I love the temple there, it's my favorite!!

Chelsea said...

Boston looks like such a fun place to visit!! Glad you are enjoying it out East and seeing everything!!

Mays and Matt said...

Holy Cow! How do you know Ian and Whitney? Whit and I were in London together. Tell her hi for me if you get a chance. I need to get in touch with her again!