Jan 23, 2011

6 months

Ty turned 6 months last week. Here he is with his 'T'. He is defiantly getting bigger. He is growing out of his clothes that we brought to CA. Good thing my mom's hobby is clothing him or else he would be wearing the same ole thing :)
For his big 6 month mark is he started on solids and has now had cereal, veggies, and some fruit. He also turned over for the first time last night on his own. Who knows the next time he'll do it though b/c it seems like he got lucky and just had all the right positioning conveniently at the same time.
Ty has bad eczema, it is hard to tell in this picture, but we have been trying to have him sit outside to help it.... the joys of being in San Diego at this time of the year. Any suggestions on helping eczema?

Tyler loves being outside. We've been really enjoying eating outside and so does Tyler. We also bring him outside while we wash the car, work in the garage or just hang out with our neighbors. He has discovered dogs and loves to watch them go by.


kachers said...

OH eating outside sounds SO NICE! It was 30 degrees BELOW ZERO this last week - without windchill!! Tyler's just ADORABLE! oh and for eczema i like aquaphor - it's pricey but my tub lasted forever

Lindsey said...

He is so darling!

KRTerrill said...

You have the cutest little guy! I agree with Aquaphor - pricey, but it goes a long way and works like a charm!