Apr 15, 2011

A big week

It has been a big week for little Tyler:

1. CRAWLING: Lately, Tyler has been resembling a little bitty froggy walking or a baby deer learning to use its legs. It is so fun to see him get into things and discover a whole new world.

2. WALKING ALONG FURNITURE: But, now that he knows he can get around he is now walking along furniture. I think one day he crawled and the next day he began walking along things.

3. His FIRST BRUISE: now that he is walking along things, he falls into things that aren't as forgiving as he would like. Tyler did a great job in walking along the entire couch, to the stool, past both my legs, to the wall, and then to a door. I was holding it, but obviously not well enough and he fell. It began to swell and bruise instantly. I tried sitting with him on the couch to ice it, but he had nothing to do with that. ... he is all boy. He cried, until I showed him the computer screen and that diverted his attention and it was good enough.

4. PULLING HIMSELF UP ON THINGS. He is getting better and better at this. Tyler loves sitting on the bathroom floor while we shower. Throughout the shower we would play peek a boo and give him a few toys. Well the other day I was showering, I turned around and there was Tyler- peeking into the shower, standing up along the tub, trying to get in. I guess I wasn't fast enough in playing peek a boo, so he came in to help me out.
.... things are changing and I am quickly learning having a baby that is now mobile. But, I like

5. NO MORE SWADDLE: Can you believe it!!!!! Tyler sleeps without a swaddle now! Wow! I thought he was going to be in college having to ask his roommate to wrap him up. Once Tyler started crawling, a whole new world has opened up and he wants to be in control and mobile. The day that he learned to crawl, that night he did not sleep very well. Usually we would give him a binky and he would fall right back to sleep. Well that night he was very restless, so restless I was worried about him. Well, the next day I didn't swaddle him, thinking that was the problem and wahla, he sleeps through his naps and the night (well, he woke up once last night). Ryan and I are SOOO relieve that he can now sleep without the swaddle. What a B.I.G. boy!


Hillary said...

What fun new changes! Thanks for sharing all of Tyler's big accomplishments. How awesome!

Laura said...

So happy to hear about the swaddle. :)