Apr 7, 2011

Why buy oils, you just need Vicks

My dad flies often for his job and many times he comes home with a story about his experience in his travels. This time he brought home a "present" for my mom and I.

A lady he sat by sells oils that are supposed to cure any problem that could go wrong with the human body. We passed the sample oil around the table and when it proceeded to my mom she rubbed a little under her nose.

My brother thought that was repulsive and said it smelt like Vick, which he doesn't like.

My mom nonchalantly said, "oh, I put Vicks under my nose lots when I go visit people, ... their houses stink."

My mom is serving as the Relief Society Presient and visits lots of people, and I guess quite a few of their houses smell.

We thought it was so funny that she said it so casually and that she is so prepared to go to their houses.

With Vicks, you can go anywhere :)

Dad thanks for the oils, but I think Mom's humor did the job.

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