May 11, 2011


He is getting into everything and it is so fun. He gets so proud of himself.

Although, this time I put him in this

It was so wonderful to spend Mother's Day with my Mom and Grandma. We are three chums and have quite the time together
He got a walker and is now walking with it. Pretty soon he won't need the walker anymore
Traci, my friend, just got off her mission and I LOVE having her home! She is a very good friend of mine and in many ways I feel like we are sisters.
We went rock climbing and it was awesome! I forgot how much I loved to climb. I have always loved climbing trees when I was little or boulders when I was hiking. The rock climbing gym was always something I enjoyed. The outdoors was even better! I can't wait to go again!
If I could call him my best friend, I would, but I think my baby and son says it all

Mr. Einstein when he wakes up. His new found joy is standing up waiting for us to get him when he wakes up. It is pretty darn cute.
Uncle Ian has introduced Tyler to his new found love. Dogs. They bring such a smile to his face. Along with his Uncle. Ty is really going to miss him when he moves out.
Ryan found a buddy to mow with him. This is now their Saturday tradition.
Happy Birthday Ryan! 28 years and not getting any younger :) He says he feels old at 28. Thanks to all our friends that celebrated with us. We cooked s'mores and woofums and played a fun game.


Chelsea said...

I can't believe how long and curly Ryan's hair is!! I love those little walkers! Cute pics, thanks for the update!

Mays and Matt said...

What is a woofum? And how cute is Ty's hair?! I also need to figure out what kind of baby backpack you have, as we're looking for one. Cute post!!