Nov 2, 2011

Butt's Nate Farm, ehm,... I mean Bates Nut Farm (it is so easy to mix that up)

As a child I went to Bates, but now as a Mom I am discovering everything through the eyes of my child. Feeding the animals, wheel barrow rides and climbing pumpkins seemed to have a new found excitement as I see how much my little guy is learning and loving life.
I love this picture of us. I am sure all of you wonder why I put this here. But I see so much in it as it totally explains my little family. I want this cute family picture so here I am trying to appear pretty with a nice smile; Ryan is the balanced playful one of our family and here he is doing just that; and Tyler could really care less about pictures and is letting us know and trying to communicate. I am sure all of you new parents out there (well maybe old ones too) are discovering so much about yourselves as you have become Mom's and Dad's. I have learned so much over the last 15 months- it is hard and great all at the same time :)

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