Nov 22, 2011

More raisins, please

We have been trying to Tyler the sign "more" for a long time. The other day all of a sudden at the dinner table he sign more. It was absolutely wonderful.

Ty also loves going into the pantry and grabs a snack if he is hungry. He often time grabs something much bigger than he seems to be able to handle. But somehow he manages. The other day he dragged in a Costco size vinegar.

Anyway, today he brought me a big bag of raisins. So we sat on the floor together and had a snack. I poured a few out and then proceeded to close it up. He looked up at me with a desperate look and signed more.

I guess he thought it was the ultimatum if I closed it up that it was the end of his raisin experience.

Just because he was willing to communicate I poured even more raisins out and let him have as many as he pleased.

... unfortunately as he toddles along, so do his toots.