Dec 2, 2011

... just so blessed

"Everything" from Lifehouse popped up on one of my friends blogs. It was Ryan and my song in our wedding (along with hers). It just got me thinking of how I really do have everything. I could go on and on about how much I do have. I am blessed with all the knowledge I need to know who I am, why I am here on earth and where I am going. I have the most wonderful husband who is my best friend that stands by my side and I stand by his. My baby takes my breath away all the time by the sweet faces and sounds he makes. The simple cuddles or the way he looks at me and in his own way he says, "I love you Mom" all day long. I am living close to my family and look forward to all the moments I spend with them. And the family that doesn't live so close, we are still blessed with opportunities to see each other and love the time together. I am a girl that loves her friends. One of my friends said in my sealing when I got married how surprised she was at how many people were there that seemed to be just as close to me as she is. She said that she thought that she was one of my best friends and realized that I had a room full of them. That truly is how I feel. I have so many best friends- all of my friends I cherish and they bring me so much joy. I am healthy. Ryan has a job that he loves and it makes him happy. Life is just so good. Despite what is hard, I have EVERYTHING.

For all my blessings, I am so grateful. My life is full.