Mar 19, 2012


Today at In-N-Out: March 19th

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1. Did I forget to mention?....

18 more weeks and we will have another little boy join our family! We are thrilled and my pregnancy has been going great. July 27th is the due date of our little man. Any ideas of names you like?

2. Tyler is 20 months old now. He is growing up- running, starting to talk, playing on his own (this is a slow process... any ideas on how to promote this?). Favorite words: hot, truck, car, ah oh. But mimics lots of other words

3. Ryan still loves his job. He wanted to go snowboarding today but couldn't find anyone to go with him. Anyone want to snowboard at Bear Mountain?

4. Went to Texas for Christmas and loved it.

5. Ty's favorite things to do: being in a parked car (thinks it is a jungle gym); being outside; being in his crib; keys; Grandma's house; Monday morning trash truck day

4. Pretty much our lives are super busy, but it is pretty typical to what ever one else is doing.

Hope you are all well!


Ashley said...

so glad the pregnancy is going well so far for you!! Tyler is getting more and more handsome! I love the picture of him on the scooter.

Hillary said...

Congratulations on having another boy. What fun that will be! I can't believe how grown up Ty looks in those pictures. Thanks for posting. :)

Bree said...

Congrats, two are so much fun!