Jun 30, 2012

Figured I better devote a post with lots of pictures of Ty, since soon we'll probably be posting lots of Riley.  We love our precious little almost two year old boy.  He's a sweet boy, that listens pretty well, but knows what he wants.  He is becoming a little cuddler, which we love.  He loves the garage or anything "man".  He is figuring out how to do things on his own like pulling up chairs and climbing.  He is a mimic and watches very carefully so he can do it on his own.  He was made to be a second or third child because he loves to be with other kids.  He doesn't talk much and prefers signing (knows about 30 words and 30 different signs).  He loves having people with him and many times a day takes my hand and tells me where to sit and then he plays right beside me.  He is cute, sweet, smart, funny, all grown up and still our little baby. We love our little man!

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