Oct 30, 2012

Riley's 4 months

 Happy 4 months Riley (Nov 3)!  Here are some of his favorite things:
- Loves to smile and giggle.  Ty wasn't like this and Riley takes any chance that he can get.
- Always senses when Ty is around and loves it every time he is
- Is so content.  Does he ever cry?  And when he does it is never for very long
- He is moving to a 4 hour schedule.  hallelujah!  I love feeding on a four hour schedule, my life is coming back and I'm not feeding all the time.  He feeds 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 7pm, 8:30pm.  He still wants a bottle at 7pm, but it isn't very much and I am sure that will drop soon enough.  These are all approximate times as everyday is a bit different.
- He takes 3 naps, around: 9:30am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm.  The first two are 2-3 hours and the last one is for about an hour to hour and a half.
- He got the flu in Oct which only lasted a few days. He recovered fine and wasn't too fussy.  He threw up a couple of times and started waking up in the middle of the night.  But he is back to sleeping 12 hours again. Thank you good baby and thank you mom for sleep training me... (love, Riley)
- I am weaning his binky for bed time. He can have it other times, but not to go to bed with.  Tyler wanted it in the middle of the night when he was a baby, but couldn't get it himself and would cry for it. Because we were living with people we felt like we couldn't let him get used to not having it, cry.  One night we woke up to give it to him 12 times.  Never. Again.  Sorry second child, we have learned from the first and bye-bye binky for you.  We are smart enough to not make that mistake again.
- It is easier for me to listen to him cry.  I used to go get Ty right away, but with Riley I let him cry more.  Which, actually I have learned is helping Ry to learn good habits of knowing how to soothe himself to sleep.  He only cries 2-15 minutes and he falls right to sleep (usually when he is first going to bed he doesn't cry, but if he wakes up in the middle of a nap he only cries for this length).  I am learning that a little bit of crying really helps him and me.  I am teaching him healthy habits.  It is much easier to teach a 3 to 4 month old how to fall asleep without mommy or without a binky much easier than it is to teach a 9 month old or older.  I love being a mom to the second child.  Things come much easier than they did the first time.
- So to put him to bed (naps and night) I swaddle him and give him a binky while I do so.  I hold him for about a minute or two (he usually just wants to be in his crib rather than being held).  I pat him and take his binky out.  I keep patting him.  Put him in his crib, pat him for a minute or so and leave the room. He is awake, many times with his eyes open, but usually doesn't cry and falls alseep within minutes (it really helps that I put him down when he is first getting tired and don't wait past his too tired stage, nor do I put him down before he is ready.  It is a fine line, but one that makes all the difference).
- He loves to sleep on a specific soft blanket.  He loves to feel it on his face.  
- Didn't like to be swaddled for the first 3 months of his life and now he wants it.  So, he is swaddled and sleeps like a charm.  No more hand getting in the way of his trying-to-be sleeping body.
- We love our smiley, happy, content little boy.  He is the perfect addition into our family.
 I love pictures of my boys together.  Ty still had lunch on his face with some dirt from playing outside, but when he is willing to pose for a few pictures, I have to take him up on it clean or not.  And it just shows you how two he is :)

 Poor Ty hasn't gotten his picture posted as often, here are some to remind you of how cute he is :)

Tyler didn't get a post of his 2 year birthday.  Sorry Ty.  Here are some of Ty's favorites:
- Finally is a big fan of Mommy.  He used to really like Daddy, but now he asks where I am if I'm not around
- Loves his Buzz Lightyear, baby doll, and two blankets. He usually has those close to him at all times
- Says quite a few words and signs.  A few new signs are: excuse me, sorry, peach, open.  He uses about 40 signs.  A few new words: thank you, love you.  He sill loves to say cars and buzz.  Everyday he is trying to say more and more.
- He calls me and Ryan by mom and dad now when he wants us.  I love this!
- He still takes a nap, but it is starts anywhere from 1 to 3pm.  And if he misses it isn't not tragic.  He sleeps 2-3 hours.  And he still sleeps well at nights from about 8pm-8am
- He LOVES to swim and is actually pretty good for a two year old.  I should post a video on it
- His bad habits are: throwing (toys), spitting, and hates getting dressed in the morning
- He does okay in nursery at church, although my mom just got called to help in nursery so now we'll have to retrain him to be ok by himself when she stops doing that
- He is sensitive and fairly thoughtful
- He still likes to think through things and do it himself
- He is cautious and when it is a new place or people he has to get used to them/place
- He loves telling stories, which is so cute and he is very animated
- He likes to "wash".  He always wants to sweep, do dishes, vacumme, or "wash".  He takes a wipe and wipes anything he can see down
- He loves things in his place.  For example he throws such a fit in the morning to get dressed.  Instead of taking the clothes from my hands and throwing them on the floor  he takes them and runs to the dresser and puts them away in their correct drawers.  Sorry Ty- you have a little too much me in you :)
- He has to wake up and transition into the day.  It is very difficult for him to go from waking up to anything.  It has to be a video, cuddling or books.
- He loves to get his own food.  Esp. when the baby was young he would get his own bowl, cereal and spoon for breakfast.
- He is very protective of Riley.  If he doesn't know where Riley is he gets very paniced and starts yelling: "i-lee" for Riley.

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