Dec 20, 2012

Let Go and Let God

Let go and let God. Don't you love that!?  I tend to think a lot, but for some reason lately I have been realizing that life doesn't have be all that confusing.  I can have a plan and just go for it.  I don't have to be super detailed in my plans, because most of the time they don't go that way any way (haha, I know, you are probably thinking, wow, you're just getting that!).  

It seems like the older I get, the less dramatic things are.  We are all living, going through many of the same things. As I have posted previously about going to a therapist for childhood issues about being "different" because of the cleft palate I had and the speech issues it caused, I have realized how normal I am in feeling different.  I used to struggle with the pain I felt or still feel (with headaches), but I am realizing- we've all got something.  Who in this world is free of trial?  No one.  Not even the Savior was free of heartache and trial.  There is no need to prove, complain, try to stand out with what I struggle with.  Because if it wasn't 'x', it would be 'y'.  And I have realized that I'd rather 'x', than 'y'.

What really matters, is what we make of it and the attitude that we choose.  We are the controllers of how we view life.

Even though life may be hard, it is still beautiful, peaceful, and thrilling.  Inside we are able to let go, and let God.  In that life becomes what we want it to be.

As we realize how normal we are with trial, the less we need to be sad and the more it drives me to look for the good, be happy, and help others find it too.

I was talking to my mom one day about my sadness I felt as a child being made fun of or not being understood, so she talked to me about her mom dying.  She said that when her mom died she got to a point of almost wanting someone else's mom to die, just so they knew how she (my mom) felt.  She realized how wrong that was and knew she needed to change.  My mom was angry and bitter and didn't know how to move on, as I could only imagine.  She realized that she was no different from everyone else around her.  She realized that everyone was learning life's lessons through their own life's trials.   She depended on everyone else for their strength, just like others depended on hers to help them along.  She said that through her mom's death along with the sad things, she was also strengthened.  In realizing this, it helped  her to stop focusing on her mom's death and start focusing on the love she has for her mother and the fond memories they had together.  She no longer had to sulk in her pain, but used the strength she was given, to help those around her.  She wanted to be known for how she is strong and what she can do good in the world, rather than be remembered by the sadness she has had.

I am so grateful for the example my mom is to me and that she shared this with me.  It really has helped me realize the strengths I have received through my childhood to adult journey and without my trials I would not be who I am today. Instead of being known for what I have been through, I want to be known by all the things I am good at and use those abilities to help others.  We all go through hard things, but what makes you stand out for the good because of them?  - That is what I want to focus on and shine for!

One of my mom's greatest strengths to me is her ability to see the good in all people and situations.  She is a beacon of peace.  My mom has gone through some pretty difficult trials, but she is able to take the good from them and let go and let God.  In that she is one of the peaceful people I know.

I hope that as I continue through life's trials I can focus on the strength I receive from trials and radiate happiness.  We are not free from trial, but we are always free to be happy.  LET GO AND LET GOD!

ps. i don't know why it is highlighting words and linking them to another page.  I didn't do that.  Does anyone know how to prevent that?

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