Mar 7, 2013

Riley's 8 months

Month highlights:
- sitting up on own (almost, still falls)
- spitting up less- put on medicine
- eating more solids and less formula
- changed formula from Enfamil Gentlease to Enfamil AR, hopefully that will help with his spitting up as well
- loves to be tickled and giggle
- his mommy is still his favorite, with daddy coming in very close behind.  Ty loved his daddy, so it is fun to a baby that thinks I am super special :)
- only can roll from back to tummy, not the other way
- still is swaddled
- bed time about 7:30 pm, wakes up about 7:30 am
- has 4 bottles/day about 4-6 oz
- eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner of solids and is eating most foods
- loves his brother and thinks he is the best thing on earth
- loves his bouncer from the door way
- takes a morning nap and an afternoon nap, each about 2-3 hours
- he is easy going, low maintenance
- starting to eat puffs, baby rice cakes all on his own
- starting to drink out of a sippy cup, although, he can't figure out how to sip, close his mouth, and swallow, so usually he is all wet by the end of it :)
- he is observing more things and grabs for things a lot more
- loves a soft blanket against the side of his face
- on his belly he can turn different directions to get things
- can take his binky in and out of his mouth and back in again after he plays with it
- no teeth
- hair is still light brown and getting longer

We love our little Riley, he is getting so big!

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Brianna & Kyle said...

Love the pics! I like Tyler's face in the latest post. He has personality! And Riley is like a model! haha