Jan 6, 2014

Mexico Trip

 view from our hotel
Ryan and I went to Mexico for a Hunter, Inc.  (company Ryan works for) Christmas party.  Boy, was it an adventure.  As soon as we passed over the border it was, "like a whole new country! :)"  We got lost, but didn't die and we were happy to live the tale :)  The party was fun, but I didn't understand much of it :)

We were stuck at the border for 5.5 hours.  But being stuck in the car with my best friend, without kids, with kids and beggers selling us random items the entire time, it was quite entertaining and we had a great, relaxing time being stuck in a car.  I'd do it again.

Ryan has been working in Mira Mesa, Ca for the last three years, but over this Christmas holiday the plant was moved to Mexico.  He will now be working as a Product Manager over the FX line.  His office will be in San Marcos, which is only a 20 minute commute.  Yay for the move and for the promotion!  He is now in Mexico for the next couple of weeks helping with the company move.  We have been preparing for this for the last year and a half.  He left this morning and made it okay.

Wish me and the boys good luck here at the house ;) ... wish I was in Mexico with Ryan!

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