Jul 24, 2014

2 weeks and two days post surgery

Life is getting a bit better. Still on pain meds. Bands are easier to put in, thank goodness! Sleeping better, only waking up once for pain meds.

My brother and his wife are in town and I'm loving them here!

I now do exercises with my mouth I lightly push down on my lower jaw, as my jaw joint is very tight and I can't open it less than two fingers wide.

A few days ago my lips were very cut up, but I fixed that with wax.

Went to the orthodontist,  and he said everything looks good.

I cried once this week because of the pain- my first cry bc of pain. Riley bonked me in the jaw. It mad me feel sad and crying helped. I miss taking care of my kids and getting bonked made me realize how careful I have to be. I was tired of being strong and brave. Letting out a few tears helped and crying didn't hurt as bad as it did the last time :)

These are the x-rays of my mouth. You can see a line horizontally and then two lines vertically where the cuts were made. The plates and screws meet at the cuts and hold it all in place.  The surgeon said my mouth is still quite malleable and can move,  so I have to be very careful.

Life is good, I'm coming along. I have lots of support and I'm healing. I don't have too much to complain about! Until the next few days, here's to resting & soft foods!

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