Jul 5, 2008

4th of JULY

A day of family, friends, watermelon, and most of all a day to celebrate our freedom to live how we choose, fight for what we believe, and remember those who have fought for this country that we honor. Our day began with a parade at my grandpa's park. He was the highlight of the show as he wore his original WWII suit. Following, we had a BBQ at the Hoggan's, filled with swimming, eating, chatting, and sunbathing. That night we went to Grape day park with the rest of Escondidoians and prepared for the annual firework show (that I absolutely love!). Ryan says for me there isn't much better than being with family, having thousands of people to talk to, and finishing the night with fireworks. I'd have to say he is just about right. There is nothing better than being with those you love and celebrating the country in which we live. I find the 4th of July quite a spiritual day knowing that the freedom we have in this country allows us to practice our religion and follow our Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for such a place that allows me to have the thing that makes me so proud to be an American and happy to be alive.

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Mamie said...

Well said, Michelle. I am so glad you got in contact with us via our blog. Life gets so hectic sometimes that I forget myself. I miss you! It is so good to see that you and Ryan are doing so well. I would really love to catch up sometime. We'll be in Utah in August for a family reunion. I hope we can meet up while we're there.