Jul 3, 2008


I had a slide show up, but I could never get it to work on my computer, did it work on any of your computers? Let me know. The slide show looks much cooler- but when you can't see the pic's, this beats it. Happy 4th! to everyone tomorrow!!! I am excited for fireworks. This is my first time to see fireworks here in Escondido with Ryan (I love the firework show here). Oh, and I had to fill one of the spots (the first scrapbook page) with one of our younger pictures (two years ago), can you guess which one? I think we look so much younger. I don't know if that is a bad or good thing for us now :) Hope y'all (that is for you Kel) are doing wonderful!

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Traci Leigh said...

i absolutely love your blog! i need to take lessons from you on how to make it so cute! and i love the pics of us that you put up :) love you much! lets get together soonly!!

traci leigh