Jul 22, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

This was such a nice, romantic night with Ryan. Good job to him as he planned it! We began the night at a Mexican Restaurant in downtown SD, in the Gaslamp. The food was amazing and eating right outside, watching the nightlife begin and all the business of the city was great. After dinner we than went to the opera house (SD Civic Center) to watch the Opera. This was my first Broadway and I would say that it deserves to thumbs up. Although, I don't know the story of the Phantom of the Opera (I know, shoot me), so with all the "ah, ah, ah, ah's" I got a little confused at what was going on in the plot. Next time I go to an Opera, I need to read up beforehand. Sorry that I don't have a picture so you can see the Opera house- it was dark and the picture I got of us inside the opera (don't worry, before it started) didn't turn out. Which is a bummer 'cause I got yelled at for doing so... it wasn't even worth the risk.

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Ashley said...

you better call when you get back. I miss you guys! Plus we need a rematch a scene-it!