Jul 18, 2008

Coincidence, Ironic, or Just Stupid

What would you say if someone asked you if a situation was a coincidence, ironic, or stupid?

Situation: "A man walks into an AA meeting drunk."

What do you think? Well, that is the question a talk show host at AM 600 KOGO asked me a few weeks ago. I answered the question on the air and correctly: "Ironic." So we won two free tickets in the orchestra section to the Phantom of the Opera for Thursday, July 18th.

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J & K May said...

Michelle! First off, I'm way jealous of your Phantom tickets...way to go! It's fun that you're looking on our blog. I was so excited when Joey made that video. It was so easy too.

Well, it'd be fun to see you, but I don't know when you're coming in August. We're actually moving to Omaha on August 8th or 9th. So if you're coming first part of August, let me know! Thanks for the comment :)