Jul 15, 2008

Uncle Terry

My mom's brother, Terry, came into town this last weekend. I loved him being here. We went fishing off the pier, Mom caught a Skate (looks like a sting ray and shark), my favorite thing was going to my grandparents and hearing the concert that my uncle put on for us. He sang some of his songs that he composed (on the guitar) and sang. It was really fun to hear and see his talent. I just love being with my family!


The Olsen's said...

Hey Michelle! This is Natalie Olsen. I wanted to tell you that I love your blog! Your digital scrapbook pages are amazing! Did you use Adobe Photoshop to make them? I would love to know. Oh, and I'm happy that Ryan made it into his program. That must be so exciting for you guys! ttyl

The Olsen's said...

P.S. Were you guys fishing at the Oceanside pier? On your top scrapbook page, in hte middle...my families condo is right behind you guys...I think? Let me know?