Sep 29, 2008

Do you ever...

Just starting thinking and feel like you need to write it out? I think there are a good few in the world that feel that way, so those that understand may be interested and those of you that aren't, the pictures below are much more interesting.

Anyway, I am not really one to 'journal' write on my blog, but today, I guess I am. I was just thinking about life right now... how good it is. I don't remember life this good for a long time. Do you ever have times in your life that you don't realize that you have been missing some things until you get them back? I am being reintroduced into a life of energy and feeling physically so good. Waking up and not fretting about how much pain I'll have, wondering if I'll ever be able to run, hike, bike and enjoy the things I love... there is so much extra time not having to worry about such things... it is invigorating, freeing, the world seems 100 times bigger than before....
I hope this time of relief, this time of peace, this time of 'newness' and awareness stays at the forefront of my memory. Not because I never want to go through anything hard again, but because, I want to remember this time of relief as a reminder that there are trials in life, but it is possible to get through them. I want to remember that God is in charge. He builds us, he allows us to fall, struggle, wrestle with ideas, pain, and questions, and than once we have proven ourselves, learned from our mistakes, weaknesses, and trials, he than shows us the trial of our faith is complete, we are bigger, stronger, more complete and happier than we were before. As we rise, we realize how incapable we are without the Savior in our lives and how much harder we want to come unto Him and have Him help us.

For me, physically struggling has been the hardest. When one struggles physically, we realize the importance of what physical strength has to do on our cognitive, spiritual, and emotional self; and without the physical energy, endurance, and strength, it is difficult to meet these needs. Once realized, the spirit must conquer and see that that the mind controls rather than the body. The natural man must be overcome, so that the soul may be understood, controlled, and eventually win. Once the mind understands its place in its existence, the trial seems to lessen in its severity and the trial only seems to be a challenge rather than darkness that is unconquerable.

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