Oct 1, 2008


There are many things that help me relax and enjoy life- but one of them is getting absorbed in the skill of capturing the ambiance into a photo. I love to make simple scenes look beautiful or, a photo look just as striking as I saw in real life. I am going out tomorrow with my friend to see what I can capture in the Canyon's. We'll see.

Check out my photo portfolio I have changed it a little: www.michellesphotoportfolio.blogspot.com


Caroline said...

Hey, these are awesome! Where is this? We need to swap spots. The ones on my blog are from Vivian Park, just past Bridal Veil in Provo Canyon.

J & K May said...

Hey, thanks for remembering my birthday! You've got an amazing memory! Your blog is so fun, and it looks like you are keeping busy. I love that you went on the alpine loop...enjoy the mountains for me. I miss them terribly!