Oct 5, 2008

Mary's famous Muffins

Mary, finally, I have baked your bran muffins successfully... well, I asked Ryan if they tasted like yours and he said, "I don't know, it has been too long" but hopefully it is much closer than before.
Those of you that want the story- when Ryan and I got married I wanted to make him feel comfortable and thought that baking some of his favorites from home would help. Mary (Ryan's Mom) makes Bran Muffins, which Ryan loved while growing up. So I got the recipe from Mary... but when I made them the first time- they were awful. We asked her if there was any sugar and she replied, "of course there is sugar!" I got the wrong recipe and put 1.5 cups of shortening instead of sugar (yuk!). I had not attempted them again until a week or so ago. I began and was about half way through (doubling it this time) and realized that I hadn't put any sugar in it, making the mistake that I didn't re-write the right recipe and used the old one. Well- finally, I have again attempted and third time is the charm. Don't know if I've ever had such a hard time making such a simple thing... well, I guess I have some stories :)

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