Oct 5, 2008

Our First Camping Trip

I didn't get the picture of the beaver dam we saw- we went hiking after dark and were able to see this dam made from the beavers. We want to go in the light and be able to see it again. It was awesome!
Dutch Oven cooking. Nathan's brother made dutch oven pizza and a cobbler. It was the best cobbler I have had. Great job to Jason!
It rained all night, it was peaceful to sleep to- and we didnt' get wet or too cold. It was nice. Thanks Manwarings for the sleeping bags! But the rain did make it a little messy for clean up.
Woofums- we introduced woofums- making little pies over the fire and filling them with pudding and whip cream.

Dutch oven pizza- I was amazed

Nathan and Kendra

I can't believe Ryan and I haven't gone camping together before this weekend... we had a blast and hope the weather clears up so we can go again. We went with our friends Kendra and Nathan and his brother and wife.


KaCHeRS said...

I was just thinking about the beautiful fall colors in Utah this time of year - how FUNNY I never thought I'd miss it! :> Looks like it was a great trip! And i love your bran muffin story!

sakmb said...

your pictures are great I loved the one of you in the train. Oh also I was wondering how you get your scrapblog pictures on your blog because they look really nice too and I tried and they didnt work out well at all.

Kurt and Kathy said...

Thanks for writing on my blog, great to hear from you. I just started painting 3 years ago, it is so relaxing. I enjoy looking at your blog. It is great to hear what you are doing. Keep in touch!

Shawna said...

I love your blog Michelle! :) That camping food looks too good to be camping food. :)

Kendra said...

I had so much fun!!! Thank you so much, lets do something again sometime.

Jeff said...

The dutch oven pizza looks amazing!! I would love the recipe if you know it. Looks like a fun time!!