Feb 3, 2009

My Family

Aren't they so beautiful! This is a great picture of you guys! My mom and dad are our best friends and two people that we look up to so much. They have always been the light of my life to show me how to live it to the fullest and be successful.
The love of my life. I didn't think life could be this good, but it is!
It is so fun to have Kyle in Utah with us. We look forward to when he comes and visits us and I love the brother he is to me. It is fun to learn from one another and share our lives together.
The four of us
Ian and Whitney live in Boston, currently. We miss them, but are very proud of them for all of their accomplishments and thank them for the brother and sister that they are too us! Ian has always been that big brother to me that ever girl dreams of and I hope we can all live close in the future so we can spend more time together.
Nothing in life gets better to me than family. As I grow older, I find myself thinking of them more and wish I had more time to be with all of them. It is fun to add more people to our family as the years go by and enjoy getting to know each one of them. This was a family picture taken by Janice over the holidays.

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The Olsen's said...

Cute family pics! :) How is everything going for you guys? You still in the old ward?? We miss it!