Feb 18, 2009

Park City and Valentine' s Weekend

Our Casanova's created a candle light picnic (it was snowing outside- way too cold for me) in the living room with this tasty soup, salad, and bread. They wanted to spend time with us, in other places than lines of a restaurant, so they planned this wonderful dinner for Valentines. Thanks Ryan and Matt!

Aub and I on the slopes. Aubreigh was my teacher. She was very patient and very helpful! She was even on skii's and taught me a ton. When the day was over I thought I was done with snowboarding forever (because I was so sore), but now that I have recovered, I think I will attempt it again. Thanks Aubreigh for all your help!

In our 'get up' all ready to snowboard
Aubreigh and I making crazy faces on the way up to Park City. I had to post one.

This weekend we had a great time with our good friends the Parks. The boys, Ryan and Matt surprised Aubreigh and I to a dinner to Tucano's, a Brazilian restaurant, and than we drove up to Park City to stay at the Park's parents home for a couple of days. We enjoyed shopping, snowboarding, playing games, hanging out, and taking pictures. We really have a great weekend. Thanks Aubreigh and Matt!


The Olsen's said...

How fun!!! That sounds like such a wonderful Valentine's Day! I'm glad you guys had such a fun time!!!

KaCHeRS said...

What a great weekend! Skiing, Tuscanos, surprise candle-lit dinner - good job to the boys! Thinking of you guys!