May 26, 2009


I finally got to meet Ryan's Aunt- Cheryl and her husband Jim. We all went to Ryan's Grandpa's house to work on cleaning out his house so they could sell it. It was a great few days. Ryan's Dad also flew in from Dallas. It was very nice being with them all.
Of course we went to Disneyland and California Adventure. We found a favorite ride at California- the Toy Store ride. If you get a chance... I'd go on that ride first!
We always love trying on the different hats at Disneyland... well, I do... maybe Ryan is just nice and goes along with it.
The Toy Story ride- it is 3-D and interactive, so much fun!
We went to Disneyland to celebrate Ryan's birthday... it is the best place to go when celebrating because they give you a button with your name on it and the employees' job is to say happy birthday to anyone that has a birthday button. Ryan loved it because he was being told happy birthday all day!

We've always wanted to go the the Blue Bayou Restaurant in the middle of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It was fun being able to do something we always wanted to do.

As I am going down journaling about each of these pictures- I am realizing it is just a bunch of pics of Ryan and I in different places... sorry for the drab.

I finally went to the Ruby's diner off the pier in Oceanside. I have lived so close my whole life and never did that. Ryan and I split and sundae- it was delicious, but it was more fun just being there.
There was this Pelican hanging out on the pier and didn't seem to mind all the commotion on the pier. It was fun getting so close. Although, Ryan was a bit nervous- look at that peak.

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