Feb 7, 2010

California Trip

Last weekend Ryan had a few days off of school, so we headed down south to visit my family. We have a great time with them. Here is a few things that we did- we saw my grandma! We miss her lots. We went to my grandpa's grave site as a family. It was nice to go there, it was harder than I was expecting. We ate lots of Mexican food- I can never get enough of that :) As you can see we also went to Disneyland. Ryan can't go 1 year without Disneyland and before I get too far in my pregnancy, he wanted to make sure we went. We loved that my parents came with us (I am not sure who took who :)) Thanks Mom and Dad, we had a great time with you! I am excited to go down in March to visit again!


Chelsea said...

Too fun!! You look great. Hope we can get together again soon.

Ben and Jill said...

congrats on having a baby! that is so exciting! you two look so happy!

Ashley said...

you can't even tell your pregnant girl! Don't you get to find out soon what you are having?! Can't wait to hear!