Feb 2, 2010


We made friends with one of our waitresses. She is from Romania. It was neat and touching to hear about her life as she spent time away from her family (including her 11 year old daughter) during the holiday season to provide for those she loves. Those that work on the boats work most of the day into the night getting very little sleep and not much time off during the day for meals and a break. They work for months at a time (she said she would be away for 6 mo and than go home for 3). Meeting this lady and becoming friends with her made us appreciate the cruise that much more. Each night I looked forward to saying hello to her and giving her a hug. Bless those all over the country that have to work hard hours away from their families to provide for those they love.

Every night we were left chocolates, an agenda of the next days schedule and an animal or another design (person this night) made out of our towels and robes.

This is the middle of the boat where the information was and bars and bands (I forget what they call the common area).
This is what dinner looked like (we actually could dine like this for breakfast, lunch and dinner) everyday- don't worry, we got used to it :) By the end of the cruise when we were home we were looking for the person that would pull out our chairs and place our napkins on our laps. - Once in a while, it is very nice to live like this :)
Our taxi driver found the LDS temple in Merida Yucatan. It was crazy that this was in the middle of the city. The city was very run down and then this pretty place is right amongst the city. I am glad we were able to visit the grounds.

Here is the elevator on the boat. We are in there. We would trying to waste time while we waited for our table to open up for dinner.

We also went snorkeling. That was amazing as you could see about 100 ft away because the water was so clear. We wish there were more fish, but we did see a beautiful sting ray along with other colorful fish.

We went kayaking in clear boats. We could see to the bottom as we paddled. Well, I should say while Ryan paddled, I looked for fish :)
This is Cozumel, Mexico. I would live there. The water was so clear and it was a rain forest so off the beach was green and luscious.

It has taken me a long time to get to blogging about our cruise. The pictures do most of the talking. Beautiful weather, relaxing vacation, being pampered, and great company. I would do it again any day :) Thanks Mary and Craig for the wonderful time that we had!


Chelsea said...

Cool that you got to visit that temple! I love that Kayak, so cool that it is see-through. Looks like so much fun, I want to go on a tropical vacation!! Glad you loved the cruise!

Jordan Page said...

OH MY GOSH how fun!! I want to go there right now!!

Ashley said...

i am sooo jealous! looks like an amazing cruise