May 6, 2010

A walk in Closet... or... the baby room

Not quite the "baby suite" (like one of our friends called it and now I like to call it that) at home, but this little 'room' (walk in closet) will do the job. I like that we can have the baby close to us, technically in our room or we have the option to shut the door allowing us to not be woken up by our little guy. And also, it shuts the baby off from the cold air conditioning and it gets real dark in the closet when both doors are shut. We also have a fan in our bathroom- which will create a great white noise affect for him- which babies like b/c they are so used to the womb and the loud noise of my aorta.
We like having the baby stuff up and ready to go. It helps us mentally get ready- helping us realize that it is getting very soon!

1 comment:

kachers said...

Creative! it looks like it'll be a perfect little room for Ryan JR! Couting down the days?! WAHOO!