Aug 1, 2010

My first two weeks

2 week picture. Mom and Dad take a picture by this 'T' each week/month to show how much I've grown. I was 8.1 lbs when I was born. I was discharged at 7.4 lbs and now I am 8.2 lbs.

Me and Mommy after my first real bath after my umbilical chord fell off. I love bath time!

Mommy loves me so much and nothing comforts me better than Mom. Mom loves that about me!

Look at the difference between these two pictures with my hat and no hat. It is almost like I am two different babies.

Daddy's little boy

California boy! Thanks Sandi for this cute outfit
Nice and Strong

One week


Chelsea said...

Adorable!!! Looks nice and healthy!

Lindsey said...

Oh! He is such a little cutie! And you look so happy Michelle! Congratulations!

Lindsay said...

Congrats to u Michelle!!! He is adorable and so precious. U look fantastic!

Caroline said...

Aw, he is just so beautiful. I love all the hair! Congratulations, you guys!

Jamie Clark said...

He is SO cute! Congratulations! I'm glad everything worked out.