Aug 2, 2010

Ty's Birth Story

Ryan posted most of what happened...I'll fill in a few of the gaps. Wednesday, July 14th I had a doctors appointment for my last check up. The doctor thought an induction would be appropriate because I was getting very swollen and thought my baby was pretty big; he didn't want to wait any longer being afraid I would not be able to get him out naturally.

So Thursday the 15th at 7pm I went to the hospital to be put on Servidil. That next morning, Friday, I woke up and my cervix had softened to 80% effacement. I was then put on Pitocin. I was a little nervous about it because I knew that it would probably put me into labor; and who wouldn't be a little nervous about that?!

So, we watched movies... and basically laid in bed all day long. contractions. It was a rough day as I am one to not like lying around and I get very antsy. It was emotional as I was ready to hold my baby but there was no progress toward labor. By the end of the day my doctor came in and said I should be a "crazy women" by now because my contractions should be so intense (I was maxed out on Pitocin). Uterine activity was going on (like a menstrual cramp), but no uterine contractions.

From there the doctor gave me three choices: 1) hHe would do a C-Section that night, 2) keep me on Pitocin until I go into labor, or 3) take me off Pitocin and start all over again.

I wanted to give myself the full opportunity to go into labor and they said that the third option would be the most likely to do it if it were going to happen.

So, I went off Pitocin and back on Servidill (a suppository to help soften the cervix).

One of the hardest parts was I couldn't eat this entire time. By the end of the entire experience I went from Thursday night until Sunday morning without anything but liquids.

Anyway, that night, Saturday at 12:45 am I woke up and had to pee SOO bad. At the hospital I was hooked up to 2 monitors on my tummy, a blood pressure cuff, and an IV. I stood up to go to the bathroom and I all of a sudden felt like a 3 year old. I could see the toilet a couple feet away, but knew it was not possible to hold it. It was hilarious! I was also on sleeping medication, so I was half out of it. Within seconds I tried to rationalize my best options: call the nurses station (no, there was no time for that); run to the bathroom and pull everything with me or yank everything out of the sockets (no, that could be painful and a bit pricey); or... yep, just pee. I couldn't help it, even as hard as I held it, it just came right out. I couldn't believe I was peeing on the hospital floor. And then seconds later there came this huge 'gush!' My mom woke up and said, "Michelle, your water just broke!" I tried to convince her that I peed and she tried to tell me it was my water breaking. The nurse came in and asked what was going on. She tested the fluid and we discovered there was about a gallons worth of amniotic fluid all over the floor. Luckily, I still had to pee... and I could go. I don't know if I was more relived that my water broke or if I didn't pee all over the hospital floor :)

In the morning the Servidil was taken out and I was started back on Pitocin. By now I had gone more than one day on IV fluids and was swelling up like a beached whale. I felt discouraged and uncomfortable. The entire day continued as the previous one. At about 4PM I was checked for the last time and I had not dilated any and there was no further progress in my effacement past 80%. With my water broken we were racing the clock. A C-Section was than scheduled to get our little guy out.

I was never really expecting a specific way my son should be born. I have always had a feeling I would have a C-Section and I was blessed early on in my pregnancy to trust my doctors. I was not worried about the operation and knew there was good medical staff looking over me and helping me make decisions.

The operating room was cold. When I was getting the Spinal I was scared. For some reason I was overwhelmed with the first moments of Ryan and I meeting years ago and the sweet love we had for each other way back then. The thought of our love and the what was about to happen, bringing our first son into this world gave me peace. I began to cry while I received the Spinal, not out of fear but the beauty of what was about to happen. I am grateful for that experience.

I was nervous about them cutting me open. About 3 minutes after I laid down they told me the incision was made. Ryan was brought in and about 5+ minutes after that, Tyler was born.

Ryan was great during the operation. He talked to me as it was difficult to not concentrate on what was going on. We didn't know that Ty would be born so fast and while we were talking we heard this cry/screech. We both looked at each other questioning if that was our little guy. Then the doctor said, where is the camera?! We couldn't believe it was so fast. Then we heard him crying more. It was overwhelming to hear his cry and to realize that I was now a Mom. It took another 20 minutes for me to be stitched up. I will always remember the first time I saw him. He was wide awake and just stared at me. Ryan was on fire and was so grateful he could bond with Tyler for the first few hours while I was in recovery.

The hospital experience was wonderful. I have been so touched by the love and support I received by all the doctors, nurses and staff. I loved looking forward to my baby being brought back to me every time he was taken to the nursery or out to be checked.

The whole experience is one that I wouldn't want to trade. I am grateful I was induced as I wouldn't want to know what would have happened if we waited longer to start the process. As Ryan said earlier, Tyler was anterior or "sunny side up" which would have made it very difficult or impossible to have passed him. My mom had an emergency C-Section and I am grateful it ended planned and controlled. I am also grateful for my faith and the ability we have to have peace from our Father in Heaven and know that we will be taken care of, especially things that are out of our control. I know that he cares and looked after our family as our son was brought into this world.


Ashley & Brandon said...

I know a little how you feel so I know how much you must have gone through when he was born! I was induced with Dallin and started with the Servidil and then Pitocin and it took 30+ hours for him to come. The hardest part is definitely not being able to eat - and then they expect you to push a little baby out after all that! Wow!! He's darling ... we are so happy for you both.

Lindsey said...

What a beautiful story! I'm glad you got to share it! Have fun with your little guy!

Misty said...

Congratulations! I feel for you! I have a relatively similar story for my Tyler, as well! You guys look great. I bet you're glad to be done with the swelling. That's what we get for being hooked up to IVs forever. What a handsome little guy you have!

Megan and Jonny said...

Congrats!!! I'm a little slow on the news, but I am so happy for you. I'm glad everything went well, especially considering your rough not-labor experience. Seth was sunny-side up, too. Thankfully my complications had nothing on yours--just an epidural that was completely ineffective and 90 minutes of pushing. Ah, but they are so worth it!!