Aug 9, 2010

Statue of Liberty

On Friday Ryan, my mom and I went to the Statue of Liberty on the New Jersey side. It was beautiful! After taking a walk and seeing the Lady we went and found some benches by the water and fed Ty. I love this picture of Ryan. I love the picture it self, but it captures Ryan as being Daddy. No matter how busy, he always loves being with his little boy. He loves being Dad. I am so grateful for his help and the family we have together.

This is Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty is to the right. It was so pretty. I loved being here as it was much more peaceful than being in the actual city.
My mom leaves tomorrow. I am sad to see her go. I will miss her company and also the huge help she has been. She has been here since before I gave birth to Tyler. I loved that she was here while I was still pregnant and I could experience those last days with her and then experience the first month with her grandson. She has helped so much with the baby, meals, housekeeping... everything. Thank you Mom!

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