Aug 9, 2010

Uncle Ian and Aunt Whitney

We are so happy Ian and Whitney came to visit. Tyler loved them. And we loved spending time with them! It was so fun sharing our little boy with them. It was hard for me to say good bye when they had to leave. We have be so grateful to be out here in the east to be close to them. We are really going to miss them.
They got Ty this little Boston Red Sox's hat. I remember Ian with a hat most of his life and now Tyler will be reminded of his Uncle Ian in Boston by his little hat. There are many people I hope my little boy takes after, his Uncle Ian is one of the persons I hope he picked up a few traits from and is like.

Ian and Whitney also got us this picture frame that we can imprint Tyler's hand or foot into. I am excited to do this as it will capture him when he is little and we'll always have a keepsake of his first month. And then we got the Ninga from them. It is this blender/food processor. I will be able to make my own baby food, along with having a very convenient appliance for my kitchen for everyday. Thank you Ian and Whitney! You had such good ideas, we love them!
Ian asked if he could take him home... I am not ready for that yet though :)
It was fun that Ty's first company was family. Thanks for coming!

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Chapples said...

He is so adorable and I just love his cute hat! Congrats!!! You made it and he is beautiful!