Oct 5, 2010

Being a family, the best dad in the world, and taking too m any pictures

Ryan is the best Dad in the world. He loves his little guy so much. I have loved becoming a family of three. We are all in it together and love being with one another. Nothing beats US.
So I got a new phone, which is dangerous b/c it has an awesome camera in it... which means, I am taking pictures constantly. I have always liked taking pictures and now I have the ability to do so at my finger tips every second of the day... I have been loving it :)!

Tyler is getting stronger and keeps his head up much better and if you position him just right, he can sit up on his own. Although, that doesn't last long :)
Halloween his coming... I can't wait! Now that we have a kid, holidays will come alive in a new and different way. How fun!


P&C Dickson said...

ok that little pumpkin picture is the cutest thing. it made me smile so much when i saw it! so adorable

Natalie said...

SO cute! I love the pumpkin costume! :)

Hey, can you view our blog, theolsenchronicles.blogspot.com?

If you can't, let me know! :)natalie_nielson@hotmail.com

Mays and Matt said...

Your pictures are so, so cute! I am so excited for this to happen to us!

Lindsey said...

I love the pumpkin costume!