Oct 2, 2010

What we've been up to

During the day Hillary and I hang out with our little buddies. They are less than 2 weeks apart. It is so fun having a friend that has a baby the same age as mine. We go on walks, bake, talk, watch movies together. I am really grateful for her friendship.
Tyler is the happiest little boy. He loves hanging out with Mom all day. I have never found anything I love to do full time, but now that I am Mom, I have finally found what I love.
This is right before a morning walk, we try to go on one everyday.
Kyle loves coming over and being with Ty. When I was pregnant Kyle would come and sit in his nursery and talk to me about his excitement about his nephew. Tyler is a lot like Kyle- he loves people and is just happy to be alive. I feel like my brothers have a special connection with my little guy. I find traits in Tyler that my brothers have. I love it.
Next to Ryan and I, my mom spends the most amount of time with Tyler and yet I have very few pictures with her with Ty. I need to take more. We really appreciate all my parents help and love. It has been so neat to see them with him.
I will post a picture of the changing table my dad made for Tyler. It is beautiful. I think Ty knows it is from his Grandad because he is always so happy when we put him on it.

Great Grandma and Tyler. It was really fun being with her and seeing her with my baby.

I was able to surprise my best friend and be at her wedding in San Diego. She looked absolutely beautiful. I am so happy for her and her husband Robert.

He loves his bath, many times he almost falls asleep in it. It's pretty cute.
We hiked and the trees are changing, it is so nice to be outside.
Thank you to everyone that celebrated our little boy at his blessing. You are all special to us, thank you for coming and taking time out of your day and traveling.


Chelsea said...

I can't believe he falls asleep in the bath!! I have never heard of that before. I am so glad you and Hillary are good friends and get to play so much!! I still look forward to meeting Tyler someday soon!!

Rachel said...

So did you guys move to CA?