Oct 28, 2010

Happy Boy

Mostly... he is just a fun, happy little guy.

Me and my bud. He really has turned out to be my little bud. We are always together and forming quite the fun relationship. I love that he knows his mom!
Here is Tyler's room, including the changing table that my dad made for Ty. Whenever Tyler is in it he loves to look at the wood and run his hands across it. I think he knows that his Grandad made it special for him. I love the table on the side. It is removalable so I can put it on either side. My dad is such a good craftsmen.
We put the hat that my brother Ian got for him above his table as well. There are a few gifts that we received that are special to me, that Tyler will appreciate as time goes by. I like that I have the hat and changing table with each other.
I have liked how his room has turned out. He'll probably end up with a slightly different room once we move in a few months. I'll be sad to say goodbye to this one.
I still love his crib and set- those are two special gifts as well.

We love the swing and the vibrator (what Ty is in). He likes sleeping in both if he is having a hard time sleeping/not feeling well, or if he is calming down getting ready to nap.

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